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24 Individual Work Stations with CNC CAD/CAM Mill and Lathe.

Renovation News:
ARM Lab Relocates to Bacement of Communications Building   24 individual CNC Lathe/Mill workstations have been purchased.  The next year-and-a-half will emphasize advanced technologies (Rapid Prototyping, Rootics, Laser Scanning) and an increase in hands-on CAD/CAM to Machining.

Fall 2013 Class Schedule
Apply and Register in advance if you want in.


  • Nationally recognized NIMS testing program.
  • College-Level Associates Degree or Vocational Certifications starting with as few as 4 classes.
  • Courses are open to Full-Time and Part-Time students.
  • Ages range from High-School students to Retired Engineers.  High-School Tuition Waiver available.
  • Tuition is $26/Credit per-Semester.  Most classes cost $78-$104 (+ $35 Parking Permit & $17 Health Fee)
  • Integrate Machine Tech, Automation, Engineering, and Design to develop a wide spectrum of skills.

Data-Point Cloud captured by Laser-Scanner 3D CAD Inventor Drawing Ready for Rapid Prototype Printer

Machine Tool Tech Official Class Descriptions

Spring Term:  January 18 - May 16 2014  
Classes offered Weekdays/Evenings and Saturday.

MTT 101abcd - Intro to Conventional & CNC Machining

MTT 103 -  Conventional/CNC Turning:

 EDM... there's a lot going on under the surface.  MTT-107 Advanced Manufacturing Practices: Take 46 or 101 prep classes before 107 is offered next!MTT 105 Conventional and CNC Milling Machine

MTT 107 Advanced Manufacturing Processes

MTT 46 Basic Machine Tool Operations (Mill/Lathe)

MTT-2 Manufacturing Print Reading 

MTT 10A -  Intro to CAD/CAM

MTT 10(Advanced) - MasterCam, Advanced G-Code, 3D Numerical Control  Programming

ETEC 10 - Principles of Engineering Technology

ETEC 12 - Intro to Engineering Design

Computer Aided Design Classes
Many Weekday & Saturday Classes Offered.
Search and Register for El Camino Classes

The application process is easy but takes time.  El Camino College requires online registration. The Registration Office will not answer the phone or return calls!

Taking CNC to the next level!

South Bend 8K Conversion

Free RobotAssist Modeling SoftwareMTT Tech.. Check out the rapid prototype equipment!


Contact Professor Ed Hofmann
310-660-3593 x3292

Top of Page

ETEC-16: Conversational CNC on the Kent Mill

Setups Page: Kent Acu-Rite CNC/Conversational Programming

MTT-2: Manufacturing Print Reading

MTT-101 M/W Mornings: Intro Conventional/CNC Machining

MTT-40: Machine Shop Calculations

Safety-Glasses: Because we like to see.

Tools I Use
These are good calipers that take a beating.  Shipping discount on multiples.

Heavy Boots are better than flip-flops when metal drops.

Enco  Free Shipping Code on $49 Orders.  Until September 2 AUGF49

Students at CNC Mill/Lathe Work Stations 

Registration & Directions

  1. One mile East of the 405 FW
  2. Basement of the Communications Building. (West of MCS, South of SHOPS, East of the Bookstore)
  3. On-line application and registration required!  It takes a day or two.
  4. Once registered, you will be given a Registration Appointment. You can register online any time after your "appointment" date.
  5. Detailed Campus Map pdf
In The Shop
Lathe Control Cheat-Sheet
Turning Machines.  Make them work... The Buttons You Push!!!

MTT & ETEC Prof Eric Carlson... takes the lead in a Robotic Arms Race!

Z-Corp Rapid Prototype Mold Making Machine
ZCorp Spectrum Z510.  Design it, load it, pour it, prototype.

SolidWorks - Use your Student ID for Student pricing on CAD software.

Gas welding in the summer metals class.

More Southern California Machinist Training